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Anyone using the below webhost?

I’m setting up a website for my online retail store and would like to know which webhost would be the best. I’m looking at the following factors : a. Low cost –> Should not exceed 0 a yr b. Ads free c. good tech support d. No hidden cost/no Spam I have shortlisted, Lunarpages, [...]

Unlimited Hosting / Webspace?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any “actually” decent reliable unlimited hosting companies. (and yes, I know “unlimited” is not unlimited) Please DO NOT recommend, they make me sick! How about Dot5Hosting.Com and But how reliable are these host? Like gator and Dot5? And does anyone know of any Actually [...]

getting a domain and hosting?

I need to get a domain and host it, I need know witch place(s) to go. My bro uses dot5, but i hear that servage, go daddy , and host gator are all good for hosting (and in some cases getting a domain) any suggestions? also, anyone know where I can get a free forum? [...]