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Setting up PHP and MySQL on my website?

Hi I have a website here I have also Dot5 hosting. I also have a different domain. I want to set up a MySQL database for a fanfiction archieve. I’m new to the PHP and MySQL thing and I was wondering if some can help me set it up. My username for yahoo messenger [...]

I would like to create a website for my business and…?

I would like a hosting where I can create forums, blogs, chat, messenger chat, internal email for users that log in to contact each other…something like a dating site where people Log in chat to each other, write blogs and use the website messenger to talk to each other etc… Is this the right [...]

Unlimited Hosting / Webspace?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any “actually” decent reliable unlimited hosting companies. (and yes, I know “unlimited” is not unlimited) Please DO NOT recommend, they make me sick! How about Dot5Hosting.Com and But how reliable are these host? Like gator and Dot5? And does anyone know of any Actually [...]

I am looking for a secure online form that I can transfer credit cards over.?

I am trying to make a secure contact form online but have no idea where I can get the security from. I have my hosting with DOT 5 and would like to keep it with them. Is there some other business (hoping for free or with very little cost) that will provide a secure [...]

getting a domain and hosting?

I need to get a domain and host it, I need know witch place(s) to go. My bro uses dot5, but i hear that servage, go daddy , and host gator are all good for hosting (and in some cases getting a domain) any suggestions? also, anyone know where I can get a free forum? [...]

I need a web hosting solution fast!?

hi, godaddy seems to be a good choice when talking about web hosting, but what kind of control panel do they offer? Can someone tell me about their control panel? Some pictures or streaming video would help. Thanks. What do you guys think of dot5hosting compared to godaddy and even hostmonster. Thanks Chosen Answer: I [...]

Ecommerce!! Which WEB HOST is the best OUT OF THESE ? —————————————————————————————— Rank Top Web Hosts Features Highlights Details 1 Unlimited domain hosting ¤ Unlim. space ¤ Unlim. traffic ¤ .95 / month ¤ cPanel/WHM ¤ Fantastico ¤ ASP, Curl, Cron HostGator Review 2 Best customer support ¤ Unlim. storage ¤ Unlim. traffic ¤ .95 / month ¤ FREE domain ¤ FREE software [...]