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How can I create an online store?

I’ve been trying to set up an online store for the past 2 weeks and have signed up to about 5 different webhosts who all claimed that I could easily set one up with their services. The last one I tried was dot5hosting and while I could set up the site relatively easily, it used [...]

I would like to create a website for my business and…?

I would like a hosting where I can create forums, blogs, chat, messenger chat, internal email for users that log in to contact each other…something like a dating site where people Log in chat to each other, write blogs and use the website messenger to talk to each other etc… Is this the right [...]

I am looking for a secure online form that I can transfer credit cards over.?

I am trying to make a secure contact form online but have no idea where I can get the security from. I have my hosting with DOT 5 and would like to keep it with them. Is there some other business (hoping for free or with very little cost) that will provide a secure [...]

getting a domain and hosting?

I need to get a domain and host it, I need know witch place(s) to go. My bro uses dot5, but i hear that servage, go daddy , and host gator are all good for hosting (and in some cases getting a domain) any suggestions? also, anyone know where I can get a free forum? [...]

I would like to create a chat website like the old ”excite”?

I would like to create a chat website like the old ”excite”, that you have different screens and you can move from room to room. What host do i need? can I do it with dot5hosting what do I need to buil it? Chosen Answer: Simply contact the host that you’re interested in using and [...]